DNC launches the community bookcase called “Soul”

With the aim of developing a reading culture, improve knowledge as well as the skills of the members, DNC – Danang Coworking Space builds the community bookcase called “Soul”.


Explaining the special name of the bookcase, a DNC’s representative shared: “Build a community bookcase is not an easy job, so we are not only considering it as books but the soul. We hope the bookcase can bring the knowledge and improve the reading culture”.


“Soul” is built on the model of “public goods”. It means the bookcase is formed and operated by the community. In just 1 week from the launch day, DNC has received more than 100 books from the members.



Members of DNC now can freely access and read the books in various genres such as startup, literature, historical…




If you are interested to develop the bookcase, feel free to contact us at the reception desk of DNC or via the hotline: 01264.785.304 (Ms. Van).