What is an effective working space?

Nowadays, we spend more time on our work and colleagues in the company than at home. Therefore, working environment plays an important role in the quality of work. But the problem is: creating a beautiful workspace is quite simple but  designing an effective workspace is difficult. So, what  is an effective working space like?

Firstly, it is the visual distance from the desk. We tend to work better when our eyes can see  attractive things. So when your desk is located in a place with a clear vision it will help you think better and be more creative. It is good to improve the space by rearranging the things in your work area so that your eyes can occasionally change its focus to distant points such as windows or corridors.

Secondly, it is the flexible chairs. You should choose a swivel chair that is just right and suitable for your working space, which will help you move more flexibly in the office as well as increase interaction with colleagues.

And last but not least, it is the sunlight. An effective work space should have many windows so that light can shine throughout the room. Because natural light is always the best. So if you have a chance then choose a workplace with a big window!