7 Reasons why DNC is the ideal Co-Working Space

  1. Central Location

Did you know that DNC is one of the most convenient centrally located co-working spaces? Located at  31 Tran Phu St, we are close to the General Science Library, Da Nang Administrative Center, Da Nang Department of Planning and Investment, the  Institute of Information Technology for Business, and various bank headquarters.

  1. Convenient Access to Other Services

DNC is well situated for all kinds of work. If you need to meet partners  or connect with others a number of services & facilities are located nearby: Where to eat nearby? DNC is located close to many famous and luxurious dining venues (within 15 min walking distance). Places of note include: Mr. Tạ Noodles, Viet Hanoi Restaurant and An Lac Vegetarian Restaurant,…

Do you need bank transactions immediately? The nearest ATMs are only 10 min away.

  1. Beside the Han River

Located on the banks of the Han River, DNC is the ideal place to work and relax. Take a walk along the banks of the Han River, feeling the sunshine and the river breeze.

  1. Do not forget DNC Happy Hour!

Happy Hour is a community event for members of the DNC, taking place on Friday afternoon twice a month. Here, with free beer and snacks from DNC, you can connect with others, discuss ideas or play fun games. Happy Hour takes place from 16.30 to 17.30.

  1.  Flexible Work Space

Depending on the nature of your work you can choose from a range of workspaces at DNC.  Hate sitting in a serious office environment? Looking for a space that is both practical and comfortable? DNC offers you a variety of seating options.

  1. Good Prices:

Currently, prices at DNC are considered the most affordable compared to all other co-working spaces in Da Nang. For just 60k / day, you will enjoy almost all the services DNC has to offer, including: flexible workspace seating, high speed internet, free coffee, tea & mineral water, networking opportunities & startup community information.

More incentives at different price points / membership levels can be seen here.

  1. Free Parking & More:

Worried about finding a parking space? Parking at DNC is free – and the best thing is on hot days you will enjoy free coffee, tea, mineral water and air-conditioning.


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