What is an effective working space?

Nowadays, we spend more time on our work and colleagues in the company than at home. Therefore, working environment plays an important role in the quality of work. But the problem is: creating a beautiful workspace is quite simple but  designing an effective workspace is difficult. So, what  is an effective working space like?

Firstly, it is the visual distance from the desk. We tend to work better when our eyes can see  attractive things. So when your desk is located in a place with a clear vision it will help you think better and be more creative. It is good to improve the space by rearranging the things in your work area so that your eyes can occasionally change its focus to distant points such as windows or corridors.

Secondly, it is the flexible chairs. You should choose a swivel chair that is just right and suitable for your working space, which will help you move more flexibly in the office as well as increase interaction with colleagues.

And last but not least, it is the sunlight. An effective work space should have many windows so that light can shine throughout the room. Because natural light is always the best. So if you have a chance then choose a workplace with a big window!



Policies on Membership Card Price and Meeting & Conference Hiring Service.

  1. Danang Coworking Space (DNC)

A reputation survey showed that working in a coworking space help people increase creativity, ability to concentrate and improve the quality of work. Moreover, 70% participants of the Deskmag’s survey said that they feel more energetic when working at coworking space than traditional office space.

Now with the exist of the DNC, Danang startup community can easily find a creative and comfortable workspace for yourself, suited to your needs.

DNC is a coworking space inside the building of Danang Entrepreneurship Support (DNES) – the heart of the startup ecosystem in Danang in particular and the central region in general.

DNC has multiple services with different prices to meet the diverse needs of all.


  1. Rental of meeting rooms, conference halls: DNC is located in the prime position of Danang City, adjacent to the Han River Bridge, between two main roads: Bach Dang St and Tran Phu St, next to the Danang Administrative Center, Duy Tan University.DNC provides hall areas which can accommodate from 40 to 150 persons along amenities, suited for all forms of conferences, meeting. The halls are decorated in a modern style and have the flexibility to adjust to meet the need of customers.


DNC Coworking Space:


DNC coworking space – An inspirational workspace with innovative design and good vibes that will boost your productivity

Flexible desk or researved desk for choosing


Splendid opputinities to engage with local startup community including founders, mentors, experts, and investors.

For relaxing


A one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs with diversified services:training, mentoring, event management, etc.

Event Services

Besides the rental service, DNC also organizes a conference, event as requested. With the advantage of available startup community, experience and enthusiastic staff along with young and dynamic collaborator forces, we offer various kinds of services, such as organize events. Our goal is to bring the satisfaction to customers with each event being held.

We have organized numerous events with different scales for many domestic and foreign partners.
-The grand openings of DNES Incubator
-Training Program on Startup Project Workshop
-Workshop experience sharing in enterpreneurship and innovative promotion between ADB and Danang city.
-English Training Course
-Talks on The Value of Creation
-StartupFair 2016
-Isarel Training Course
-Mentor Meet-up in Danang
-MBI Workshop on Incubator Evaluation & SME Survey in Danang
Among them, Startup Fair and Exhibition 2016 in Da Nang is appreciated as one of the most outstanding international events organized by DNES Incubator with the capacity of 800 participants, nearly 50 startup departments join this fair.
To be consulted detailedly about event services, please don’t hesitate to provide your information as requested through email info@dnes.vn

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